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Hack your world with your own
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About Crozono

CROZONO is an open source framework developed in Python. Its aim is to perform the repetitive tasks of penetration testing from the air (or the ground) through drones or robots. It has the ability to decide by itself which attack to perform among several attacks implemented for wireless and wired networks. CROZONO allows the attacker to access the cracked network and obtain data in real time. It's awesome!.

Phase #1

Find the target WiFi network and crack its security through different attacks to WEP, WPA & WPA2 privacy.

Phase #2

Once inside the cracked network, connect to a remote IP:PORT previously defined by the penetration tester.

Phase #3

Discover active devices in the cracked network through an Nmap scan, and send its results to the penetration tester.

Phase #4

Finally, the penetration tester can execute several LAN attacks through CROZONO as if he/she was there.





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WiFi attack modulesModules to attack WiFi networks with WEP, WPA/WPA2 & WPA/WPA2 with WPS privacy. 3 3
Network discovery modulesModules to discover active devices, open ports, operating system and software running. 1 3
LAN attack modulesCROZONO has modules to perform different attacks within LAN. e.g: Metasploit console, Sniffing & MITM and more. 2 2
Sending real-time dataThrough a reverse connection, CROZONO will be able to send all data captured in the cracked network to the attacker. IP/DNS IP/DNS
CROZONO Assistant SoftwareAdditional software with an intuitive GUI to setup CROZONO.
Storage of data capturedSafe storage of all data captured in the cracked network.
Rich graphic reportsGraphic reports with all data captured by CROZONO.
Technical supportTechnical support or full service.


Manual to install CROZONO Free in Raspberry Pi


Manual to develop a CROZONO attack module



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